Voivod : Kluskap O'Kom music video



originally premiered at Philip H. Anselmo's Housecore Horror Film Festival in October in Austin, Texas, was directed by Syl Disjonk, who is best known for his short horror film "Ethereal Chrysalis". The director of photography was JP Bernier (DESPISED ICON).

Asked about the meaning of "Kluskap O'Kom", VOIVOD vocalist Denis "Snake " Bélanger said: "Sometimes described as a giant coming out of the woods, sometimes a monster in a lake or sometimes a powerful being that came from the sky, Kluskap is the name for this strange character and O'Kom is the place where he lives.

"Kluskap is inspired by a legend from a Canadian native tribe called the Micmacs. He once came to earth to kill all the Dinosaurs in order to help the humans to take over the planet.
"One day Kluskap will come back with another mission to the humans.

"There are many similarities between the Kluskap story and other legends from tribes all around the globe; stories told of encounters with beings from other worlds. This one is very unique, I thought.

"So here it is; Hear the thunder, it is me, coming back!!!! 'KlusKap O'Kom'!"



Band: Voivod
Song: Kluskap Okom
Album: Target Earth
Year: 2013
Label: Century Media


Get the album now:
Iron Gang Factory (Voivod official store)
CM Distro US: http://bit.ly/R8JexM (US)
CM Distro EU: https://www.cmdistro.de/Search?q=voivod


Voivod is :
Denis "Snake" Bélanger: Voice
Daniel "Chewy" Mongrain: Guitar
Michel "Away" Langevin: Drums
Jean-Yves "Blacky" Thériault: Blower bass


Director, producer, editor, VFX: Syl Disjonk
VFX assistant: Éric Bilodeau


Director of photography: JP Bernier

1st assistant camera: Daniel Duranleau
Chief lighting technician: Caroline Émond
Lighting technician: Étienne Cloutier
Lighting technician: Antoine Ryan


Art direction, costume, accessories, scenography: Véronique Poirier
Assistants costume and accessories: Mélanie Prévost, Edith Bergeron, Esmeralda Nadeau-Jasso

Kluskap creature head: Éric Thivierge

Kluskap creature costume: Edith Bergeron

Voivod band members puppets : Réka Mészáros


Danielle Hubbard
Jolène Boily Béliveau
Akian Gaudette
Jesse Pratt


Actors :

Chinese shadow:
Esmeralda Nadeau-Jasso, Jolène Boily Béliveau, Akian Gaudette,
Véronique Poirier, Mélanie Prévost

Kluskap creature: Jessse Pratt

Shaman: Syl Disjonk


Preproduction assistant: Carnior

Driver: Steven Henry

Handyman: Jean Bédard

Craft: Édith Bergeron & Mélanie Prévost


Shot in Montreal, Quebec, Canada at DBCom Média studio.


Thanks to Véronique Tessier

Special thanks: DBCom Média and Productions l'Art Sali.


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Negatron tribute art to the art of Away (Voivod)

Design for Paranoland (with Snake from Voivod)




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